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Using PC as Supervisor Controller of 2 RPi+CM550 based robots

In this project, the PC is used to “supervise” two RPi-based CM-550 robots, meaning that the PC can override the “autonomous” tasks that the robots were performing (which was a visual search and ranging task using a Pi Camera).

The communication schemes between PC and RPis, and also between RPi and CM-550 are described in the video below. REMOCON packets were used to contain the information circulating within this computing network. The solutions implemented were in Python via MS Visual Studio Code on the PC as well as on the RPis. The CM-550s were running on TASK codes. You can watch the details at this web link:

As it turned out, the communications scheme worked out well enough, but the RPis run-time performances were poor due to the high computing loads required by OpenCV and BT communications. The Python Interpreter on the RPis was just not “fast” enough!


Thank you @roboteer for sharing this great information. However, I was not able to play the video.

Hello @Newbie,

If you click on the link “Watch this video on YouTube” in the picture that came up when you clicked on the so-called “video”, it should bring you to the actual YouTube web site and watch the video there.

If this does not work, please let me know.

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Update 3-28-2021
Using the Boost libraries and CodeBlocks on an RPI4B with 64 bit Debian and 8 GB RAM, I managed to obtain a compiled C++ solution to this project, but I found that the BT service still took too much resources from the OpenCV process, so the overall runtime was still not adequate to do the job!!!

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Update 4-11-2021
Figured out my “time-out” error! Got Python working OK now! :relieved:
Still working on Boost’s solution.
Update 4-12-2021
Figured out a 'work-around" solution to compensate for the “blocking” nature of BOOST Serial Ports using “probe” packets. On RPi side, can use either Python or C++ codes. On PC side, has to use Python codes. So it is possible to do Supervisory Control from PC to RPis (then to CM-550s)!

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