Trouble Portenta+MKR SHield Dynamixel


my servos are Dynamixel MX64AT 2.0 and MX106T 1.0

My system is Portenta H7 connected to them through MKR shield. All is charged with 12V.

If I use an arduino uno or an openCM904 the dynamixel works properly. With portenta and dynamixel shield I have problems. I linked the dynamixel to the DXL_T3 port as your manual said because I have MX series dynamixel but no one sketch works. Any idea, please?
Thank you

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It could be some bug in Portenta. I heard some of user has faced the same issue when using the shield. I have my own portenta shield. Later I will test it too.

Hi @Yogurt_Man I was searching for a solution but I didn’t find it yet. It seems like portenta h7 not works with mkr shield dynamixel. I found only this post AX-12A cannot be pinged - ROBOTIS-GIT/DynamixelShield.
IS there some updates from you?
Thank you

Hmm I would like to test, but I am in trouble while uploading an example of Dynamixel2Arduino (D2A)

I search the google and nothing has not given me insight yet. Did you also encounter that issue? I am on Linux Ubuntu 16.04. Portenta H7 only upload. (Arduino 1.8.13)

Never seen this error before with other board. Portenta has some given somewhat trouble everyone compared to other casual arduino boards.

Hi @Yogurt_Man I never had your problem using portenta h7.
I am working with Windows 10 and Arduino 1.8.19.
If I run scan and id sketches coming from examples of Dynamixel2Arduino, that is the suggestion from the manual, they don’t find the servo. It is settled on id=1,BR=57600, Protocol 2.0
I have no idea even more because from the documentation the mkrshield for dynamixel is made considering the compatibility with portenta.

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Hi @Yogurt_Man is there some update about the communication between portenta h7 and MKR dynamixel shield?

Thank You