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PID control on a dynamixel

Hi all, I have an OpenCR1.0 (also an OpenCM9.04) with a dynamixel MX64AT. In my project, it will be placed on the knee and it will help patients to complete the gait. Setting on it the current-based position, I can let it move with different forces. As consequence, the patient can feel different resistance for each movement.
I would like to implement the PID control. Can someone give me tips and examples if possible to use and implement the PID control during the motions?
I am not using ROS or anything else, I am only using the Arduino ide.
Thank you all.

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Hi @DjangoTango, good to hear from you and thank you for sharing this question on the Community Page! Allow me to provide some ionfromation that should be helpful for your question regarding DYNAMIXEL PID Gains.

The DYNAMIXEL MX-64AT has a number of PID gains, primarily P, I, and D settings as well as a few “feedforward” settings. While the study of PID control is a diverse and long-taught topic, allow me to share this tutorial video available through the ROBOTIS Customer Support YouTube channel which should be of assistance:

Let me know if this helps to explain the available PID controls, or whether you have additional questions and I’ll be glad to help out or tag more knowledgeable members.

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HI Andrew thank you so much for the video. This is a very nice feature. Anyway I would like to know if there is some library on github because I can’t find it. Can you help me, please?