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CAN-Bus Interface on OpenCR 1.0 (TurtleBot3)

Hi and a happy New Year to all of you…

on a side project I am working on connecting my TurtleBot3 to the CAN bus.

The OpenCR 1.0 board has a CAN port…


… and the Arduino port includes a CAN library, but I have no idea how to use it (especially if it provides a transceiver or only a controller) and there is no mentioning of it in the eManual.

Has anyone ideas?

Thanks in advance and greetings


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You might be required to to convert the DYNAMIXEL protocol to CAN protocol and vice versa. Unfortunately, I’ve never used the CAN port, so that I could not give you a big help :frowning: However, I found that ROBOTIS e-Manual provides a arduino example called " CAN2DYNAMIXEL which converts the DYNAMIXEL Protocol to CAN protocol through some interface which converts the USB to CAN

Although this is based on Arduino, it would be worthy of referencing.

@Yogurt_Man thank for your your reply. I saw the CAN2DYNAMIXEL example and it inspired me to try a different approach on the Rotortug (only on my testbed) with two Arduino MKR boards + CAN-Shields + Dynamixel Shield (I red-boxed both the MKR’s and the CAN connection in the picture):

What I have in mind for the TurtleBot3 is a bit different, since the OpenCR board there should finally run the Arduino port of micro-ROS and connect to other MCU’s via CAN. But before diving into micro-ROS I would like to kown the board hardware better… :wink:

Using CAN to connect different MCU’s, SOC’s (like Raspi’s) and even PC’s could be a real game changer for my project. The MCU (STM32F103CB) of the OpenCM 9.04 does have a CAN controller, but that’s not mentioned in the eManual, too (maybe it’s not even HAL-connected to a board pin).