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Trouble using different hardware for dynamixel


my servos are Dynamixel MX64AT 2.0 and MX106T 1.0

My system is Portenta H7 connected to them through MKR shield. All is charged with 12V.

If I use an arduino uno or an openCM904 the dynamixel works properly. With portenta and dynamixel shield I have problems. I don’t understand why?! I linked the dynamixel to the DXL_T3 port as your manual said because I have MX series dynamixel. No one sketch works. What do I have to do?

Other question: I broked my OpenCR I guess. How can I update the protocol using only the OpenCM with the expansion board (no more hardware element)?
I attach a pic to be complete. Help me, please.

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It could be some bug in Portenta. I heard some of user has faced the same issue when using the shield. I have my own portenta shield. Later I will test it too.