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Read control table with a sketch

Hi all,
How can be used the indirect addresses of the control table of a dynamixel mx64 protocol 2.0?

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Hi, @DjangoTango

I guess you’ve already have understanding how to use Control Table address in Sketch. This time I just throw the concept of Indirect address and data.

Indirect Address & Data technique is useful if you need to make your own custom RAM data structure (of course there are many different reasons to use). According to the description of e-Manual, it says, “Indirect Address and Indirect Data are useful when accessing two remote addresses in the Control Table as sequential addresses. - Sequential addresses increase Instruction Packet efficiency. Addresses that can be defined as Indirect Address is limited to RAM area(Address 64 ~ 661).

This means you can link (or join) multiple address in sequence using Indirect Address and Data.


Address 168 to 178 (Indirect Address 1 to 6) references Present Current (Addr 126, 2 Byte) and Present Position(132, 4 Byte)

  • Read Indirect Data 224 with 4 bytes length

  • Status Packet returns data for two sequence addresses (both Present Current and Present Position in this case).

Therefore, when you need to do Read / Write multiple address and data by not using many instruction packets, Indirect Address and Data will be useful to enhance efficiency in packet communication.

For more comprehensive understanding, see description of example.