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Raspberry Pi + DYNAMIXEL Quick Start (C language)

Hey everyone,

Here again to share another great Quick Start video from our Open Source Team YouTube channel- this time it’s for using DYNAMIXEL servos with a Raspberry Pi single-board computer! The Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular low-cost computer boards for maker and robotics projects, and DYNAMIXELs are a perfect companion for these powerful little boards. This Quick Start guide focuses on setting up a DYNAMIXEL with the DYNAMIXEL Starter Set components, and shows a DYNAMIXEL SDK example in C.

Feel free to make a post if you have any questions!


I believe this is the youtube channel mentioned above:

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Great demo!
Regarding the USB cable between the RPi’s USB port and the microUSB port on the U2D2, what kind of USB cable was it? Just a plain USB data cable? or an OTG cable with the RPi being the host?

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It is a plain USB cable that comes with U2D2.
U2D2 works as a serial interface device between Raspberry Pi and DYNAMIXEL.

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