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"My Favorite Robot" Video Sharing Contest - Win $250 Store Credit!

Welcoming all fans of robots! We’re excited to announce our first ever community.robotis.us public event- the “My Favorite Robot” Video Sharing Contest! Enter for your chance to win prizes including $250 store credit. If seeing this post on the top of your page, scroll for more info or click this link to visit the post under “News and Events”: “My Favorite Robot” Video Sharing Event

What inspires you in robotics? Share a video of your favorite robot here as a response to this post, and tell us why it’s your favorite. Real-life robotics and even fictional robots are welcome- tell us where it’s from, and what makes it special!
The response that receives the most likes (the :heart: icon) by the deadline will win first prize!

Prizes and Rules below!

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  1. First Place wins $250 Store Credit to ROBOTIS.US for robot kits and hardware!
  2. Second Place wins (choice of) ROBOTIS Play 700 or $50 Store Credit to ROBOTIS.US!
  3. Third Place wins a gift bag of ROBOTIS swag to show your passion for robotics!

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  • One entry per applicant. Multiple entries from the same Community.robotis.us account, or accounts which are clearly coordinated may be disqualified.

  • You must create an account on Community.robotis.us to enter.

  • Enter by posting your response as a reply to this post using the “Reply” button!

  • In your response, you must link a video and write a description of why your entry is your favorite robot. Be creative- the more likes on your post the better!

  • Your post does not have to be your original video content. However, be careful-- multiple users posting the same popular videos could make it challenging to receive the most likes for that video!

  • After creating your post, to qualify for a prize you must “like” at least two other submissions while the contest is live. You do not have to “like” other entries at the same time as your post, but before the submission period ends. If the contest period ends before you have liked any posts, your entry may be disqualified.


BEGIN: 6/11/21 - 12:00PM PT ~~ END: 7/9/21 12:00PM PT

Ask any questions below!


Hey everyone,

I wanted to create a post to share an example for our new giveaway- and you could probably guess as much but my favorite robot is TurtleBot3!

The TurtleBot3 is my favorite robot platform I know because of its sheer versatility. TurtleBot3 can be made using almost any onboard computer and supports a number of SBC’s, as well as different operating systems and ROS versions.

In addition, TurtleBot3 can be made into a number of different physical configurations to support different applications! Different body shapes, wheel configurations, and more have all been tried out with basic example code available. Check out these different configurations, called “TurtleBot3 Friends” here: TurtleBot3 Friends link

Even as a beginner in programming, I can use TurtleBot3 as a remote control vehicle, SLAM, navigation and more! Being able to run examples in ROS and explore how packages can be used is a great way to learn more about robotics and ROS in general! All these things and the ease of use of the platform make TurtleBot3 my favorite robot so far!


I have 4 robots that inspired me when I was a very young kid! I bet many people will agree with the first two!


After seeing Star Wars for the first time. My Dad had me watch these two films: Forbidden Planet and The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951). These robots inspired my Dad and George Lucas! Their “Favorite Robot”.

I loved Robby as a kid!


Robby had a career as a movie and TV star!


I was scared of GORT! When I was a kid! Just remember! “Klaatu barada nikto.”


So, those are my “Favorite Robot”s. What do you think?


Robot Model B9, but just called The Robot in the original TV series Lost in Space. He was a little dry, a little robotic, but had a hint of naughtiness that gave him some humanity. And of course had the memorable line that most people probably don’t know the source of, “Danger Will Robinson!”


My favorite robot is Boston Dynamic’s Atlas, which is a research platform designed to push the limits of whole-body mobility.

Atlas’s advanced control system and state-of-the-art hardware give the robot the power and balance to demonstrate human-level agility or let me say better than my human-level agility :slight_smile:

Here is a video of how the Atlas dance-Do you love me?:


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