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Industrial automation with Dynamixel powered robots

I am using 3 Dynamixel servo powered robot arms to fully automate the loading and unloading of a CNC machine. I was looking for an affordable solution to allow me to experiment with robotics and automation, and the Dynamixel smart servos have been the perfect solution for that.

I am working with Robotis currently on the development of a mobile robotics automation solution for industrial applications.

Please follow the link to watch the video.



Hi @Mike,

Thanks for your awesome post, and welcome to the Community Page! I watched your video, and I think this is a fantastic demonstration of automation for existing processes!

How has the automated system compared with its output compared to your previous processes? Were those all done by hand? If my question touches on any sensitive information for your work, feel free to omit specifics.

I look forward to seeing what you are able to accomplish with the mobile robotic system! It would be great if you can keep us updated with posts from time to time too :slight_smile: .

Feel free to reach out in our Support categories if you have any questions we can help out with!

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I am sharing some of the images from the video. For those who are interested in automation solutions (#DIY Automation) powered by #Dynamixel , I strongly recommend you to watch the video here:

Thank you for the welcome to the community.
I would be happy to give a little more details regarding my automation setup.

The job was previously run by an operator loading and unloading the piece. On average they could produce around 350-400 pieces a day.

I have had this system up and running for just over 5 months now. The arms can run for a full 8 hour shift with no issues, producing on average 450-500 pieces a day.
To date the arms have done over 21,000 pieces and have a total run time of 160 hours.
I could not be any happier with the performance of the Dynamixel servos, they are extremely accurate, powerful and consistent.

I will definitely keep updating the status of the development of the mobile automation system. I have a meeting this Friday with a cart manufacturer to go over some design options.

I am looking forward to working together on this project, and am excited to be able to offer the industry an affordable solution to automation.

If you have any other questions please font hesitate to ask.


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I would like to give everyone a little update on the mobile automation cart I am working on with Robotis.
I am working with Vention.io on the cart design and have come up with a great mobile workstation.
I have attached a few pictures of the design. please if you have any questions or ideas please let me know.



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Hi Mike,

Thanks for your responses, and for sharing these amazing updates with our team. It’s fantastic to hear that automating that assembly process resulted in over a 20% increase in production volume (if my math is right)!

I think that the cart design you worked on looks amazing, and I can’t wait to see it built out! Please do keep us updated- I’m excited to see your new cart in action.